Driving Under the Influence

No one plans to be arrested for DUI, and that’s what makes this crime different from any other crime or area of law. A DUI offense is generally done intentionally.

Blaine Gillett will help defend good people who made the mistake of drinking and chose to drive a vehicle.  Many clients are first time offenders.  I’m here to help guide you through the maze of law known as DUI Defense and help improve the consequences you’re facing.

The Law office of Blaine Gillett can also represented people who are on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th + DUI. Even repeat offenders deserve expert defense.

If your case can be pled successfully and avoid trial, I’ll tell you. If there are issues that can’t be resolved without one, I have the experience to take you through the entire process.

I’ll bring to bear my 30 years of experience in defending good people charged with DUI, my personal knowledge of the judges, prosecutors, and court systems involved in prosecuting DUIs, and my very best effort to get you results.

Drug Related Defense

Blaine Gillett can provide you with skilled, passionate legal representation if you’ve been accused of a drug-related offense.

If you’ve been accused of a drug crime and need an experienced criminal defense attorney at this difficult time in your life, please call Blaine Gillett for a free initial consultation.

Potential Charges
There are a wide range of crimes that fall under the category of “drug-related.” The sentences you could be facing for these crimes range from probation to lengthy prison terms. It depends on the seriousness of the charges, as well as the skill of your criminal defense attorney.

We will represent clients who have been charged with:

*Possession of drugs
*State marijuana violations
*Intent to distribute