We are located in North Platte Nebraska.  We are in the hub of our community, located across from the Platte River Mall.

The Law Office of Blaine Gillett charges an agreed upon hourly fee.  In some cases there is no legal fee unless you recover money in the course of the case.

Bring any materials you believe would be helpful in your case. Such as, medical reports, police reports and any other pertinent information.

A majority of cases do settle prior to going to trial. However, I have extensive experience with both jury and bench trials should the need arise to try your case.

I am easily accessible through my cell phone, eMail, social media as well as a full time receptionist.

A lot of factors determine what your case is worth.  We use state of the art software that researches jury verdicts from around the country.  This will assist us in determining the value of your case.

You need someone to represent your interests.  Insurance companies have their own attorneys. The state of Nebraska has their own prosecutors.  You need trained experience counsel to protect your interests.